Potato Aphid

Potato Aphid

Pest Type : Pest Vegetable Indoor Crop

Row: Equine – Homoptera

Family: aphids – Aphididae

In greenhouses it is ubiquitous. It damages almost all crops grown indoors.

The body shape is elongated-oval. The average body length of winged individuals is 2.3-3 mm, wingless – 2-2.3 mm. The body color of wingless aphids is olive green, glossy. In weakly pigmented winged individuals, the head and chest are light brown, the ends of the segments of the antennae and tubules are brown, the dorsal surface of the abdomen is without a pattern. In highly pigmented forms, the front of the body is brown; antennae longer than body, first three segments of antennae light, the rest dark; the tubes are long, protrude beyond the end of the body, light or brownish brown, the tail is xiphoid, wide, with a blunt apex, on each side has three to four hairs.

Ordinary potato aphids have a non-cycle type of development. Wingless virgins of females hibernate in greenhouses on weeds. Aphid enters the greenhouse on the populated planting material of celery and parsley. In January-February, during the planting of plants, cucumber, and other vegetable crops are transferred from celery and parsley to these crops. It is a carrier of viral diseases of plants.

The protective measures are the same as for peach aphids.