Isofia Crimean

Isofia Crimean

Latin name: IsophĂșa Taurica

Russian name: Isofia Crimean

Pest Type: Multi-Pest, Grape Pest

Row: Orthoptera – Orthoptera

Endemic of the Crimean fauna. Distributed on the southern coast of Crimea. It damages various agricultural and ornamental plants, especially harmful to tobacco and grapes.

The adults are 23 – 32 mm in size, ore-brown or light green in color with white spots on the upper half of the abdomen.

Wings are very short, ovipositor 13-17 mm. The eggs are 5.3 – 5.5 mm in size, large and wide, oval, oblate, but not lamellar, of a dark brown color. Larvae have the same color. It populates glades with rare shrubs and deciduous trees, lives on the slopes of the mountains. Often focuses on crops, and especially on vineyards and tobacco.

The birth of larvae begins in the second decade of March, adult individuals sometimes appear in mid-May. Egg laying is in the second half of May and the first half of June. The female lays eggs in heaps of 5-10 pieces in the soil, fastening them with secretions of the accessory sex glands. Laying eggs resembles a small locust egg.